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A way out - Help for victims of human trafficking

Victims of human trafficking have a right to get help. Depending on your situation, this may include safe housing in a secret place.

The threshold for receiving help is low. In other words, you do not need to know for sure whether you are a victim of human trafficking or not. Receiving help is voluntary and it will not cost you anything.

 You can get help even if:

  • you first found yourself in the situation voluntarily
  • you have committed crimes
  • you are in the country illegally
  • you are not a Finnish citizen or you are a national of another country or stateless
  • you are not sure whether you are victim of human trafficking
  • your case is not under pre-trial investigation related to human trafficking
  • and whatever your age, gender or sexual orientation, religion or political views

The Assistance system for victims of human trafficking is a central government authority and a center of knowledge for victim assistance. Its responsibility is to make sure that the rights of trafficking victims are enforced and fulfilled. You can also get help from non-governmental organisations (NGOs).