17.06.2018 16:47

Welcome to renewed -website! -website has been renewed during spring 2018 to better serve Finnish anti-trafficking work and possible victims of human trafficking residing in Finland. The renewal includes new graphics, clarification of user interface (UI) and increasing the content.

Toiveikas-nainen-kurottaa-kohti-aurinkoaThe old red and gray look has been transformed to softer and more approachable graphic look the purpose of which is to bring the website from early 2000s to year 2018. The look together with the new UI has clarified the structure of the website and made it more usable. Content-wise the former division of the website to “For victim/for people seeking information” -sections has been maintained with the addition of separate section for those helping victims of trafficking. This new section includes for instance guidance for facing victims of trafficking and identifying them.

The website functions in three languages (Finnish, Swedish; English). In addition to these full lan-guage versions, short versions for possible victims in 14 different languages have baan added to the front page. The renewed -website has also a chat-functionality. The chat can be used to contact the National assistance system for victims of human trafficking. The chat will start working 3.7. and will work on Tuesdays 1-3 pm (13-15 o’clock).

Please get to know the website and to update your information on human trafficking! If you want to give us feedback on -website, you can give it with the feedback form.

The renewal of -website is part of the IHME-project, executed by the National assistance system. The project is funded by the Internal Security Fund (ISF-P) of the European union.


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