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Susanna, a drug addict, was forced to commit crimes

The story and the characters are fictitious. The story is adapted from real-life events.

“We will kill you if you talk about this.” Susanna had been told this many times. She would have known it even without being told. Every time she was caught shoplifting, she kept quiet and did not tell the police anything. She stayed silent and refused to speak until the withdrawal symptoms came on. Even then she just screamed and swore, called the police officers names, threw the food she was given into the wall.  She would not have been able to eat it anyway. The effects of fentanyl did not last long, and in the police cell she always started shaking and vomiting.

Nuori-nainen-rannallaSusanna got fentanyl for the first time from her boyfriend. The substance offered a way out of depression, fear and longing. At first her boyfriend gave her fentanyl whenever she needed it: a piece of sticking plaster that Susanna sucked small doses from. Later she also learned to shoot up with fentanyl extracted from the plaster. Then her boyfriend started complaining about money. Fentanyl was expensive, and the money intended for paying the rent went into buying the drug. On top of this, the couple’s debts began to pile up. In the end, Susanna became homeless and she and her boyfriend broke up.

Susanna’s debt grows and debt collection becomes violent

Susanna moved on to begging for fentanyl from a gang that she knew was selling. The begging did no good. Susanna was already in debt, and she did not have any money at present either. Moreover, the gang demanded her to pay her ex-boyfriend’s drug debts as well. Susanna tried to explain that she didn’t have that kind of money. This was followed by a hit to the head that made Susanna fall over.

Susanna woke up later with a dizzying pain. She was in an apartment, surrounded by three persons, with a knife on her throat. Susanna was told how things would proceed next. Susanna’s debt had become tenfold because she had not even tried to pay it back. Now Susanna would have to be smart and do as she was told.

Susanna is forced into committing crimes

To pay her debt, Susanna had to commit crimes. She was shown a place and told what to do. Refusing was not an option.

Susanna never got caught for any of the break-ins. Summer cottages were easy to clear out, but on the other hand there was rarely anything valuable inside. She was taken close to the target with a car, and after the job she would be driven to the next location. Susanna also stole phones. They could be picked up from café tables. From shops she had to try to take with her as expensive products as she could.

Susanna took all the goods to the apartment and handed them over to the gang. Susanna lived her life from one drug dose to the next. She acted like a robot, doing anything to get her next dose and to avoid being beaten. If Susanna returned to the apartment empty-handed, she was beaten up and then raped as repayment of her debt.  Susanna was powerless to do anything about her situation. She felt trapped in a dead-end.

The drug used in this story is fentanyl, which is a pain killer. However, in a real-life situation it could be any addictive narcotic substance.