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Anti-trafficking action in Finland

In Finland, many organisations from government agencies to municipalities, trade unions and NGOs combat trafficking in human beings. On these pages, we will introduce some of the key organisations.

Effective action to combat human trafficking cannot take place without efficient and confidential cooperation.

You too can play your part in anti-trafficking action

By finding out more about human trafficking, you will be able to spot the signs of trafficking or identify a potential victim.

Remember that crime investigation belongs to the pre-trial investigation authority, and you must never try to solve crimes by yourself. If you ever discover activities that show signs of trafficking, contact the police. In emergencies, always call the emergency number 112.

If you think you may have met a victim of human trafficking, decide first whether you are able to and whether it is safe to talk to the potential victim about seeking help. The Assistance system for victims of human trafficking will offer you guidance and advice in these kinds of situations.